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Celebrity Chef Anton Testino presents this nostalgic “Depression-Era”

Themed Italian eatery, serving Semolina Sandwiches, Soups, Salads,

Risottos, Rustic Gourmet Pizza & more!



Step into any of our convenient locations and experience the world

renowned ambiance that Mulberry Street NYC is famous for. Complete

With exposed brick, red and white checkered table cloths, concrete

counter tops and of course, our signature pallet wall.



Enjoy a delicious, traditional Italian lunch or fast-causal dinner with

Over 70 choices & combinations to choose from!










Celebrity Chef Anton Testino is a world renowned culinary chef and a first-generation Italian-American. Born to immigrant parents, he was practically raised in the food industry, learning to cook at the age of 6 by working in family-owned restaurants. Despite having been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, Chef Anton was admitted to the Culinary Institute of America, going on to win several professional competitions.


Best known for his television appearances on The Food Network and Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, Chef Anton recently published an autobiographical cookbook, titled Chef Anton Testino’s “Cooking With Confidence” detailing his journey through the "Real Reality" of Network Television food competition shows, all while continuing to appear on television, be interviewed on the radio and make personal appearances.